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Just A Painter, Drawing A Blank
21 June
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Hey gang! 'Tis CrispyCentaur from the FOBR boards, AKA SkitzofrenicFox on Deviantart.

Anywhoo, my Fall Out Boy cartoons and comics became so numerous, they were overpowering all my other drawings, and in the spirit of LJ galleries such as MiniMCR, I thought, "Why not move in?"

Thus, FallOutToons was born.

I'm just your average computer nerd. Not scene, not punk, not emo, just your run-of-the-mill geek. I'm a huge music fan, but unfortunately, I'm horribly tone-deaf. Thus, lacking the ability to play music, I took it upon myself to try something else... Cartoonify my favourite bands!

I'll often cameo in many comics or pictures here on this site as one of two forms - representing my two attitudes. Crispy The Centaur is my more hyper side. Able to change sizes at will, she can easily sneak up on the boys and cover them in huggles...or prod them with sporks. Stephanie-Cecile, or S-C for short, has a bit more of a cool head, but her love for Fall Out Boy is just the same as Crispy's. She's usually less groupie-ish...Rather than sleep or huggle the band to death, she's rather brush Andy's hair. Nobody really knows what her eyes look like...Or how she can see with all that hair in her face. Toaster is Stephanie-Cecile's Cyndaquil Pokemon. He can speak english, and is usually carrying S-C's sketchbook.

Obviously, I do not own the rights to the band Fall Out Boy, nor any of their afilliates such as Hemingway the Bulldog or Dirty. This is simply a fan-site, and I am not trying to profit anything from it.

Any comic or image here is done for humour or parody's sake. I do not intend to slander the band.

Toaster is a Cyndaquil, and in turn, the specie belongs to Nintendo. I own a Cyndaquil doll, but no rights to it.

However, Stephanie-Cecile and Crispy The Centaur are my own creations, and I do not appreciate them being taken without permission unless it is done in some sort of fan work.

All art on this site I made on my own - unless otherwise stated. If you're willing to show them to your friends or message-board friends, please help me conserve my bandwidth by linking them to the actual LJ, rather than direct-posting my images.

I WILL allow you to make the images here into icons, so long as you credit and link me.

Thank you.

Thank you to...

The FOBR Boardies and my DevWatchers for supporting me in all my crazy adventures.

Lex you're my muse. ^_^

Aurora For putting up with all my horrible grammer errors.

Amanda and Ovi for listening to my crazy ideas and never complaining.

Edgiko For all your tattoo refs. 'Specially of Joe!

I have no affiliates, but if you're a community or a user who has a similar premise, why not contact me?

E-mail poptart_sith@yahoo.com
DeviantART SkitzofrenicFox
FallOutBoyRock Boardname: CrispyCentaur

...Or you can message me here. ;)